Beatles Trivia

Hurrah! Let it Be has been such a success that it has extended its contract and moved to the Savoy Theatre! To celebrate the show’s success here is a list of five pieced of Beatle-licious trivia that even the most hardcore of Beatles fans may have not known.

1 – The Savoy!

Let it Be is currently running at the Savoy Theatre, but that isn’t the only thing that ties the Liverpudlian group to the “Savoy”. The Beatles have a song named “Savoy Truffle” from “The White Album.” The Song was written by George Harrison about his friend Eric Clapton’s addiction to chocolate. It wasn’t the only thing that Eric was addicted too… Eric Clapton later married George’s ex wife Patti Boyd. Awkward.

2- Paul McCartney is Dead?

Beatles Trivia

There are number of conspiracy theories surrounding the so-called death of Paul McCartney. Paul supposedly died in a car accident in London in 1966 following a reported incident with his vehicle. A Paul impostor is said to have taken his place in the band and lived his life from there on out as “Paul McCartney.” Theorists have suggested that the band released cryptic messages surrounding Paul’s “death” in the cover photo of the infamous Abby Road album (apparently Paul’s lack of shoes are a sure signal that he has really conked it, as apparently people don’t need shoes in heaven.)

3- Music Video Pioneers (err…except Elvis)

Although the idea has been broached by early Jazz musicians and Elvis, it is largely agreed that the Beatles were the pioneers behind the modern music video. In order to ease the pressure of many public appearances to promote the Beatles music, the boys opted instead to record a music video that could be aired in many cities and indeed countries without the need for the fab four to be there. “Paperback Writer/ Rain” (1966) see’s the boys frolicking in some kind of greenhouse and garden area and was groundbreaking for their day as audiences were not used to this kind of commercial music video.

4- The Many (Many!) Beatles MusicalsBeatles Trivia

The Beatles have inspired a number of West End and Broadway musicals before Let it Be, many of which have suffered from questionable popularity. The first of the musicals was Willy Russell’s (famous for writing Blood Brothers) George, Paul, Ringo and Bert which premiered at Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre before it transferred for a year long run at London’s Lyric Theatre, much to the displeasure of George Harrison who walked out of the production and removed the show’s rights to “Here Comes the Sun.” Following in its wake were the musicals Beatlemania, Rain: a Tribute to the Beatles, Cirque du Soleil’s Love and Backbeat, which closed at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre just months before Let It Be opened at the Prince of Wales in September 2012.

5- Michael Jackson: The Owner of The Beatles?

Before his untimely death in 2009, Michael Jackson owned more Beatles tunes than Sir Paul McCartney himself! Jackson outbid John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono and Sir Paul to win the rights to around 250 Beatles tunes. Now that he has passed away it seems that Sony own the full publishing rights.


Let It Be is booking at the Savoy Theatre from the 1st February – 5th October 2013. Enjoy!

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