‘Tremendous gusto of soul and gaiety of spirit’



‘Amber Riley is an absolute dazzler as Effie’



‘this supremely confident production provides, to be sure, a great night out’

Broadway sensation Dreamgirls dazzles at the Savoy Theatre London, originally starring diva songstress Amber Riley from hit US series Glee. Now, the musical stars Marisha WallaceDreamgirls officially opened at the theatre on December 14th and plays an extended season at the West End venue.

Set in 1960’s America, throughout the dawning era of R&B, Dreamgirls follows a trio of Chicago girls called “The Dreams”, who sing in various competitions. Soon, they are spotted by ex-car salesman Curtis Taylor, who wants to be their manager. Enjoying initial success, the girls soon experience the downfalls of fame, when Curtis tries to replace Effie with the more appealing Deena as lead singer. A test of love, friendship and success, Dreamgirls is the popular musical which is said to be loosely based on Diana Ross and The Supremes.

Opening on Broadway in 1981, Dreamgirls scooped a record six Tony Awards and five Drama Desk Awards, including Best Book of a Musical and Best Performance of a Leading Actress in a Musical for Jennifer Holliday’s portrayal of Effie White. In 2006, the musical was adapted into a popular film starring Beyoncé Knowles as Deena and Jennifer Hudson as Effie, earning Judson an Academy Award for her performance. Amber Riley made her West End debut in the musical, earning the Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Dreamgirls includes iconic musical numbers such as “I Am Changing”, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, “Dreamgirls”, “Listen” and “One Night Only.” Fans of classic R&B and soul music will absolutely love the powerhouse vocals displayed in this show, along with the heart-wrenching story and breath-taking choreography. Don’t miss out on Dreamgirls, playing at London’s Savoy Theatre!

Cast and Creativedreamgirls_satellite

Dreamgirls is directed by prolific Tony and Olivier Award-winning Broadway director Casey Nicholaw, whose current hit shows include The Book of Mormon and Aladdin. Produced by Sonia Friedman, Dreamgirls features a book and lyrics by Tom Eyen and music by Henry Krieger. Original choreography from A Chorus Line co-creator Michael Bennett ensures that the musical will keep a vast proportion of the show’s original dance moves.

Marisha Wallace, Moya Angela and Karen Mav share the central role of diva Effie White, alongside Asmeret Ghebremichael as Lorrell Robinson, Brennyn Lark as Deena Jones and Kimmy Edwards as Michelle Morris. Further casting includes Tosh Wanogho-Maud as Jimmy Early, Durone Stokes as C.C. White, Delroy Brown as Marty and Joe Aaron Reid (In the Heights) as Curtis Taylor Jr.

Additional casting includes Michael Afemaré, Callum Aylott, Georgia Bradshaw, Jabari Braham, Ashford Campbell, Sanchia Amber Clarke, Nicole Raquel Dennis, Nicole Deon, Rhiane Drummond, Ashlee Irish, Emma Louise Jones, Ashley Luke Lloyd, Samira Mighty, Jayde Nelson, Aston New, Sean Parkins, Kirk Patterson, Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton, Ryan Reid, Rohan Richards and Joshua Robinson.

Song List

Act I

  • “I’m Lookin’ for Something” – The Stepp Sisters, Marty, and Company
  • “Goin’ Downtown” – Little Albert & the Tru-Tones
  • “Takin’ the Long Way Home” – Tiny Joe Dixon
  • “Move (You’re Steppin’ on My Heart)” – Effie, Deena, and Lorrell
  • “Fake Your Way to the Top” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena, and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car” – Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., and Marty, Effie, Deena, and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car (On the Road)” – Company
  • “Cadillac Car (In the Recording Studio)” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena, and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car (Reprise)” – Dave and the Sweethearts
  • “Steppin’ to the Bad Side” – Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., Wayne, Lorrell, Effie, Deena, and Company
  • “Party, Party” – Effie, Curtis, Jimmy, Lorrell, and Company
  • “I Want You Baby” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena, and Lorrell
  • “Family” – Effie, C.C., Jimmy, Lorrell, Curtis, and Deena
  • “Dreamgirls” – Deena, Lorrell, and Effie
  • “Press Conference” – Deena, Curtis, and Company
  • “Only the Beginning” – Curtis and Effie
  • “Heavy” – Deena, Lorrell, Effie, and Curtis
  • “Drivin’ Down the Strip” – Jimmy
  • “It’s All Over” – Effie, Curtis, C.C., Deena, Lorrell, Jimmy, and Michelle
  • “And I Am Telling You” – Effie
  • “Love Love Me Baby” – Deena, Lorrell, and Michelle

Act II

  • “Act II Opening” – Deena, Lorrell, Michelle, Curtis, C.C., and Jimmy
  • “I Am Changing” – Effie
  • “One More Picture Please” – Company, Lorrell, and Michelle, C.C., and Curtis
  • “When I First Saw You” – Curtis and Deena
  • “Got to Be Good Times” – The Five Tuxedos
  • “Ain’t No Party” – Lorrell and Jimmy
  • “I Meant You No Harm” – Jimmy
  • “Quintette” – Lorrell, Deena, C.C., and Michelle
  • “The Rap” – Jimmy
  • “Firing of Jimmy” – Jimmy, Curtis, Lorrell, and Company
  • “I Miss You Old Friend” – Les Styles, Marty, C.C., and Effie
  • “One Night Only” – Effie and Company
  • “One Night Only (Disco)”– Deena, Lorrell, Michelle, Curtis, and Company
  • “I’m Somebody” – Deena, Lorrell, and Michelle
  • “Chicago/Faith in Myself” – Effie, C.C., Curtis, Deena, and Marty
  • Listen” – Deena and Effie
  • “Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love” – Deena, Lorrell, and Michelle
  • “Dreamgirls (Reprise)” – Effie, Deena, Lorrell, and Michelle

Show Lengths and Times

Dreamgirls opens at the Savoy Theatre London on November 19th and is set to run until February 2018. Performances are at 7:30pm every day, excluding Sundays, with matinees on Wednesday and Saturday at 2:30pm.

Show running time is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes, including an interval.

Suitable for Children?

Dreamgirls may not be suitable for very young children. Please note that the Savoy Theatre will not admit children under the age of 3.



Tickets for Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre London are now on sale and you can book them above, by using the search form on the right of the page.


Have you seen Dreamgirls? If so please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. I saw Dreamgirls last night. It was really wonderful. The stage and costumes were fantastic.
    However you could never have dreamed how good and surprising the singing would be. I have seen dozens of brilliant musicals in the last year including Funny Girl, Kinky Boots and many more. I have seen standing ovations at the end of the show, some people standing after a particularly wonderful song but here the entire audience stood, during a half dozen songs, just to show their appreciation for a few seconds of soul. The best, most satisfying, singing I have ever seen.
    Thank you wonderful Amber Riley for your singing and thank you Sonia Friedman for producing my favourite show ever.

  2. Tonight we have just been to see the amazing Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre, the singing blew us away, the power and emotion conveyed by Amber Riley was out of this world, she is one sassy lady! The song ‘I am telling you I’m not going’ was outstanding and literally brought down the house! We gave a standing ovation several times throughout the show. I was over come with adrenaline listening to the stunning vocals of both Amber and Liisi (Deena) singing ‘Listen’ and left wiping away my tears at several points. Simple and effective set enhanced by stunning lighting. This is one to see and well up there with my favourites!

  3. Went last night, (Monday 21st) absolutely fabulous!
    Amber Riley has an amazing voice and brought tears to my eyes with a couple of the songs!
    Great stage set and lighting, fab costumes, well worth it if you can get tickets!

  4. I saw Dreamgirls last night and was utterly transfixed the whole way through. The whole cast was brilliant but I have never heard singing like Amber Riley before. The technical, brilliance, the power, the emotion… I had tears in my eyes, it was breathtaking! What a wonderful, wonderful show!

  5. Absolutely fantastic evening- Amber was fantastic never seen a standing ovation in the first half of a show – want to go back again and again.

  6. I am just on the train after having watched the stunningly beautiful Dreamgirls. From start to finish, this show is amazing. Amber singing I’m not going, made me a blubbering wreck. Such a stunning and powerfully emotional performance. The costumes were simply stunning and the staging superb. A must must must see. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully, this show will be extended so I can see it again and again! Fabulous.

  7. I bought tickets for the show when they were first on sale earlier this year and could not wait for the show on Saturday, 26th November. The movie has been watched over and over the years and the show was absolutely AMAZING! Amber Riley is out of this world and received standing ovations before she even hit those almighty high notes – I am a regular theatre lover and have to say this was the most wonderful show I have been to in many years… I am already trying to buy another set of tickets before the end of the year to see this great, great show again.

  8. Went to see Dreamgirls last night and I can’t remember the last time I was so blown away by a West End Musical. I loved the film of the musical, and I love the songs so I couldn’t wait to see it on stage. I remember watching Amber Riley on Glee a few years ago and thinking what a good voice she had, but she was on a whole other level in this performance. Wonderful show, great staging and costumes, an impeccably talented and funny cast and some of the best voices I have heard in years. Amber got a standing ovation for her rendition ‘And I’m Telling You’, and every single person was on their feet again for the curtain call.

    If I could go and see it again tonight I would.

  9. Just loved the performance only helpful comment was the music was too loud, causing the singing to be loud so you could not define the words.
    But going back to see the show!!

  10. I went to the matinee performance of Dreamgirls yesterday, initially a little disappointed Amber wasn’t performing, I shouldn’t have been! Karen Mav was absolutely outstanding, the passion with which she sang I am telling you was breathtaking, with a standing ovation when she finished, I’ve never seen that in the middle of a show! Then the duet of listen was equally spectacular!
    The whole cast were excellent with a great performance by Tosh Wanogho-Maud as a stand in Jimmy Early.
    My new favourite musical, which I will be back to see soon.
    Agree the band was a little too loud which meant at times you couldn’t hear all the lyrics, but don’t be put off, it’s still brilliant.

  11. Saw Dreamgirls on Saturday and it is absolutely awesome! Please say that you’ll be making a London cast recording of this show. Amber Riley’s voice is incredible.

  12. I’m not easy to please – this show is great as I sat down with the echo sound of the audience.

    The colour and the spectacular performance and soul of the music touch me – yes I was grooving to the music and was well entertained.

    Thank you.

    I will watch again with some friends.

  13. We saw the show last night – and it was fabulous – the whole cast are so talented and Karen Mav’s voice is spine tingling, we both cried when she sang ‘and I’m telling you’ we will be recommending the show to all musical lovers and we hope we get a chance to see it again. Thank you x

  14. Me and my mother saw Dreamgirls on tuesday night. I can honestly say it was our dream come true, as we love the film and music. It was absolutely fabulous from start to finish, absolutely mind blowing. The story, music, costumes etc, was amazing, beat the film and for me to say that honestly I don’t think anything will ever come close. I’ve seen The Bodyguard twice, The Lion King etc which I loved, just Dreamgirls knocked spots off anything I’ve ever seen including seeing Beyoncé last year and that was fabulous. Each and everyone one of the cast is worth their weight in gold. Everyone of them was truly outstanding. Me and my mother want to see the show again, as it well and truly blew our socks off. It really was a dream come true for me and my mother.

  15. Went to see Dreamgirls on Friday 20th January. Omg I was blown away by Amber Riley’s performance. I have never been to a theatre show where a member of the cast has received standing ovations (3 actually) during the show. I have to say, the rest of the cast were fantastic but for me she was awesome. I am hoping to go again as it was that good. Thank you Miss Riley for being here in London, long may you stay x

  16. Me too, we saw the matinee performance yesterday and were also blown away by Amber Riley’s singing. Adam J Bernard’s singing and dancing was also incredible. In fact the whole cast, the singing, the dancing, costumes, the orchestra, everything about the show was excellent. I saw the movie a little while ago, and I thought Jennifer Hudson would never be bettered in the role of Effie. Boy, how wrong was I?

  17. Took my 2 daughters last night to watch the show, we were amazed by everyone’s performance, the cast are all very talented. Wow wow wow Amber Riley, what a voice!!!

  18. I went to see Dreamgirls last night and I couldn’t be happier. I came from Belgium to see this show and I can see loud and clear that it was absolutely worth it! The costumes, the choreography, the lights, the decor and of course, the singing… Oh my god, the singing… It was just perfect.
    I have to admit I bought tickets the minute I knew Amber Riley was playing Effie – because I’m a huge fan of Glee and I just had to come and see her – but I was so happy to see that the entire cast is wonderful and every last one of them is so talented.
    Thank you all for this amazing show!

  19. Went to the matinee yesterday. Amber was not appearing but Marisha Wallace was playing entire. Omg she was amazing amazing amazing!!! Marvellous show that I could not fault. Whole of cast were excellent. Singing was superb. Costumes gorgeous. Just booking to go again. Best show ever!!!!

  20. I saw Dreamgirls on 20 March 2017. It was absolutely fantastic. The singing was wonderful . Amber Riley wasn’t in it but her replacement was perfect as Effie.
    Considering going again!

  21. Went last Wednesday to the afternoon performance and my wife and I were almost in tears from the amazing singing throughout. Amber Riley was fantastic as was the guy who played Jimmy Early. Was a little disappointed that the song “Love You I Do” wasn’t sung as we had this on our wedding day. Other than that superb!!!

  22. I saw Dreamgirls on Wednesday evening with my daughter, what an absolute treat. Such a strong talented cast, by far the best complete cast I have seen in London in years. The costumes were great, choreography superb and the singing amazing and Jimmy Early fantastic. Amber Riley will blow you away her incredible, beautiful voice. She brought both of us to tears, she was so believable and when she sings “I Am Changing” Breathtaking. The only show I have ever seen where she got a very well deserved standing ovation during a performance and not just at the end of a show. If you want a really good night out get a ticket.

  23. Went to see the show as a birthday present from my son. Never thought I could be moved to tears by the power of song. It was breathtaking. Superb costumes and stage sets. What more can I say – perfection.

  24. Went to see Dream girls on Saturday October 7th 2017. What an amazing experience the vocal performances of Amber Riley are just exquisite. An exceptional young lady and outstanding talent. Moved to tears by this wonderful actress and singer, was a joy to behold and and something I will never forget. Thank you

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